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At Titan Brother’s Plumbing and Rooter Services, we are proud to provide trusted drain cleaning services to countless residents and businesses in Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas. Our plumbing team has 10 years of experience, and we are always licensed and insured. We want to make sure that you are confident in hiring our plumbers.

If you are ready to get your water flowing again, call (818) 435-3776 and schedule an appointment with our Canoga Park drain cleaning experts.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

At Titan Brother’s Plumbing and Rooter Services, we offer a variety of services to help our customers with their draining problems, including:

Even if you think pouring the store-bought chemicals will help with the drain, it may only be a temporary fix. In order to get your drains working properly, bring in one of our Woodland Hills drain cleaning specialists.

Do At-Home Fixes Work?

If you are experiencing problems with a slow drain or even a clogged drain, then you should know that the problem must be treated professionally as soon as possible. While some issues are relatively minor and can handled with an at-home, do-it-yourself project.

Some of the most common DIY ways of clearing a drain include:

  • Using baking soda and boiling water
  • Using salt and Borax
  • Using lemon juice and vinegar
  • Using a coat hanger after the plunging

If the problem doesn’t appear to be resolved with a simple DIY fix, then that might be when you will need a Woodland Hills drain cleaning specialist to assist you. 

At Titan Brother’s Plumbing and Rooter Services, we are happy to serve our local community on any drain cleaning or repair project.

Eco-Friendly Hydrojetting Solutions

A hydrojet is a plumbing tool that is used to clear drains in one of the most effective ways possible. It exerts high-pressure water through its hose in order to clear clogged drains and push out excess build-up that is in your drains, including but not limited to hair and grease. 

The pressurized water is effective at pushing large obstructions effectively out of lines and could even break apart years-worth of buildup, grime, soap scum, oil, and food scraps. It is important for a plumbing professional to inspect your drains before the hydrojetting process begins. 

At Titan Brother’s Plumbing and Rooter Services, we use a video detection system to help determine where the blockage may be and what the most effective method of removing the impeding buildup may be.

Can Hydrojetting Be Used On All Types Of Pipes?

Hydrojetting is generally safe and effective for most types of pipes commonly found in residential and commercial plumbing systems, including PVC (polyvinyl chloride), copper, and cast iron. However, it's essential to consider the condition of the pipes before performing hydrojetting. 

Despite hydrojetting being safe for most pipes, there are some cases where it may not be recommended: 

  • Old or fragile pipes: Hydrojetting might not be suitable for very old, corroded, or fragile pipes, as the high-pressure water could cause further damage. In such cases, alternative methods may be preferred, such as snaking or pipe replacement. 
  • Cracked or compromised pipes: If the pipes have significant cracks or other structural issues, hydrojetting could worsen the damage. In these situations, a plumber may recommend other solutions. 
  • Joint connections: In some cases, hydrojetting near joint connections might not be advisable, as the high-pressure water could dislodge the joints. Again, a professional assessment is necessary to determine the best course of action. 

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of hydrojetting, it's crucial to hire a licensed and experienced plumber who can evaluate your plumbing system and recommend the most suitable approach for clearing clogs and cleaning the pipes.

What are the Benefits of Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is extremely effective, as it has the capability of pushing out debris and tree roots that are otherwise especially difficult to eliminate from your home's clogged drains.

Why hydrojetting may be the preferred method for your home:

  • Hydrojetting is effective. With the water pressure reaching thousands of psi, the water can quickly remove blockages.
  • Hydrojetting uses small hoses, which work well for tight spaces and small pipes.
  • Hydrojetting makes cleanup easy. The blockage can be moved out of a pipe and cleaned up quickly.
  • Hydrojetting is eco-friendly. Unlike chemicals, hydrojetting simply uses water, which makes your pipes ready to use as soon as the blockage is removed.

How To Prevent The Need For Drain Cleaning

  • Consider a hair-stopper - Our Canoga Park drain cleaning specialists take hair out of the shower drain daily. Hair stoppers are cheap pieces of plastic that go right on top of your shower drain and can save you from the constant need for drain cleaning.
  • Lint traps work wonders - When your washing machine is done washing, the dirt and debris don't just disappear. They go down to your sewer courtesy of the drain line that can clog if there isn't a lint trap installed.
  • Be cautious about what goes down your kitchen sink - Coffee grounds, egg shells, pasta, rice, celery and bones of any kind can wreak havoc on your garbage disposal in a variety of ways. Oils and grease should also be discarded in the trash so they don't stick to your pipes and block passing by food.
  • Clean your drains - Simply put, one of the best ways to avoid the need for professional drain cleaning services is to clean your drains. For best practices use a combination of warm water and vinegar once a month.

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