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Everyone can recognize that smell – the slightly rotten-egg smell that lingers in the air. That smell is natural gas, and it should be dealt with immediately. Natural gas is one of the most commonly used forms of energy in homes and businesses, and while it is efficient at heating your homes and lighting your stoves, it is not good to have leaking into your living space. Gas leaks can cause damage to your health, including death, and be a serious risk for fire or explosion.

If you smell natural gas, take immediate action to safeguard your family and your home. Remove yourself from the home and call 911.

Once you are safe, call a Woodland Hills gas plumbing specialist from Titan Brother’s Plumbing and Rooter Services at (818) 435-3776. We can assist with any gas leaks or gas line repairs.

Signs That There May be a Gas Leak

Natural gas is considered to be a highly flammable and dangerous substance that requires immediate attention when there is a suspected leak.

Some warning signs of a gas leak could potentially include:

  • The smell of natural gas, particularly around your oven, stove or water heater
  • Dead grass or plants around an outdoor gas line or hookup
  • The sound of hissing near a gas pipe or range
  • Dirt blowing around the site of a gas pipe or hookup
  • Bubbles forming in water that has no outlet

What to Do if There Is a Gas Leak

If there is a slight gas odor, open your windows and make sure that all pilot lights are off, candles are blown out, and no flames are in the home. Make sure that you contact the proper authorities. If there is a very strong smell of gas, immediately make sure that your family is safe, use a phone outside of the home to call 911, and let any close neighbors know of the danger.

Once everyone has been cleared away from the residence or business, call (818) 435-3776 and speak with a licensed, experienced representative from our Woodland Hills gas line repair team. We know how to handle gas leaks properly, and we are available 24/7, around-the-clock, for all emergencies and repairs.

For gas line installation in Woodland Hills and the San Fernando Valley, call (818) 435-3776 today.


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